In today’s fast-paced world, both business and personal finances need to be managed promptly and efficiently. With the National Bank of Oman Current Account, we make sure you’re covered on every front - from personalised cheques to multiple currency accounts and convenient, round-the-clock access, it’s all your banking needs in one easy, efficient and effective account. 


Your Current Account comes complete with personalized chequebooks. Choose from 100, 50 or 25 leaves. Businesses or organizations can even add their logos and choose their own designs.

Track your monthly expenses and savings with free monthly statements of accounts for current account and quarterly statement for savings bank account. 
Your National Bank of Oman Current Account Debit Card gives you access to a world of ease and convenience. Access your funds from any OmanNet ATM or from one of 450,000 Electron ATMs around the world and shop online at more than 1,500 approved merchants globally.

Enjoy secure, round-the-clock access to your Current Account, 365 days of the year, no matter where you are in the world, with National Bank of Oman’s Internet Banking.​
The National Bank of Oman Current Account can be opened by businesses and organizations, as well as qualifying individuals. In order to open an account: 
  • An initial minimum deposit of AED 3,000.00 is required for Individual account and Company account AED 10,000.00.
  • A minimum average monthly balance of AED 3,000.00 for individual account and AED 10,000.00 for company account. must be maintained.
  • Individuals/Corporate who wish to open a Current Account /Savings Account should not appear in the Central Bank of Oman’s Caution List.
  • A valid mailing address must be provided.

Whether you are Omani or an expatriate, you can open a National Bank of Oman Current Account as long as you qualify to apply. To complete the account opening process, please visit a National Bank of Oman branch near you, with your  Emirates Identity Card/Passport and the rest will be taken care of by your Relationship Manager at the bank.

​Required Documents

  1. "Emirates ID" Card and Passport copy for individual's customer's and Company registration for businesses.

Your Relationship Manager will help you complete the following forms:

  1. Account Opening Form
  2. 'Know Your Customer' (KYC) Form, which is a standard international best practice requirement. It includes information about your financial planning goals.
  3. Specimen Signature (SS) card.