Credit Document Specialist

: HRCS0019

: Muscat

: Corporate Credit Administration

: Head Corporate Credit Administration

: Permanent

: December, 2014

: January, 2015

Major responsibilities include timely preparation / checking of corporate facility documentation (including CFTC, offer letters, amendment letters and other standard documents) for all customers of CORBD, RMD divisions’ including Abu Dhabi and Egypt branches. Creation of security / supervision in creation of security such as legal mortgage, commercial mortgage, pledge of shares, joint registration of vehicles, etc. Support in the function related work including updating of various periodic reports for internal monitoring purposes.

  • Maintain a high standard of internal customer service while adhering to the standard turnaround times / deadlines and ensuring compliance with the laid down operating standards, systems & procedures.
  • Maintain / update the CCAD share data on a regular basis and submit the monthly activity report to the Section Head.
  • Job rotation in all the three sections of the department to ensure understanding of processes / policies.
  • Ensure check on all CFTCs prepared by the staff to have accuracy and have minimum change requirement by ARMs.
  • Provide daily update on CFTCs prepared / pending with CORBD to Section / Department Head.
  • To ensure smooth processes in the function to avoid delays.
  • To supervisor maintenance a register to record receipt of approvals to ensrue timely preparation of CFTCs.
  • Ensure the security documents are always in the joint custodian with two authorized staff of the function and the safe in safe out (SISO) register is updated on any movement of the security documents / files.
  • Checking of existing facilities in the system at the time of renewal on (increased / decreased level).
  • Checking of credit facility terms & conditions (CFTC) and initial the CFTC as a joint responsibility with ARMs.
  • Review of collateral documents at the time of releasing the facilities.
  • Review of creation of security such as legal mortgage, commercial mortgage, pledge of shares, joint registration of vehicles / equipments, etc.
  • Issuance of various certificates such as NOCs, no liabilities letter, average balances, turnover certificates and balance confirmation to the customers / customers auditors.
  • Joint custodian of security documents wherever required.
  • Any other job assigned by the Section / Department Head.
  • Learning the Credit Review job.

​Bachelors in Banking or Finance is required

At least 3-5 years in Operations / Documentation related department / credit administration  with the proven an ability to show attention to detail and the ability of effectively communicate with internal and external customer, co-workers and management. A high level of organization and attention to accuracy and detail is required.  

  • ​Effective written and verbal communication skills.
  • Organizational skills
  • Very Good  written and spoken English
  • Excellent office technology skills
  • Good analysis / Problem Assessment skills
  • Good person to person skills
  • People management skills
  • Problem solving and technical banking skills, with in-depth knowledge of the bank's systems & procedures
  • Arabic is an advantage.